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250g Cichlid Growth & Protein 6mm Floating Pellet

250g Cichlid Growth & Protein 6mm Floating Pellet

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Cichlid Growth & Protein American Cichlid & Oscar Food is a floating pellet suitable for most types of predatory fish. The food has been formulated specifically to increase the rapid growth and conditioning of American Cichlids & Oscars replicating natural ingredients they would eat in the wild. This fish food is formulated to support health, digestion and disease resistance and does not contain any non-digestible proteins, rather it has been made to replicate a more natural diet for most species of fish.


  • Product Weight: 250g
  • Pellet size: 6mm
  • Package Type: foil bag
  • Suitable for most types of predatory Aquarium fish, especially good for American Cichlids
  • Contains natural color-enhancing agents like Krill and astaxanthin
  • FLOATING pellets
  • Protein: 42%
  • Lipid: 12% Max
  • Fat: 8% Min
  • Fibre 3.5% Max
  • Moisture 11% Max


Fishmeal (Sardine & Mackerel),Krill Meal, Casava Root Meal, Wheat, Fish Oil, Corn, Soya Meal, Vitamin and other Minerals.



Cichlid Growth & Protein American Cichlid & Oscar pellets are floating, high-protein, low-fat pellets. Formulated to contain protein from fish and krill meal rather than land animals to replicate as closely as possible, the kinds of things fish would eat in their natural environment. Krill works as a natural color enhancer and attractant. When fed correctly Premium Bulk American Cichlid and Oscar Pellet will not cloud aquarium water. Developed by Fish Keepers as a high-quality and cost-effective aquarium food.


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